Information Technology

Are you looking for IT training that does more than just teach your staff about software skills?

At Growtrain we believe that your business only benefits from IT courses that teach your staff to see how they can immediately apply their knowledge to the work they carry out.   We develop skills rather than simply impart knowledge and that’s how we help you to quickly realise your return on investing in staff training.

Our Information Technology courses can be tailored to suit every level, from complete beginner to advanced users.

They include:

– Introductions to computing and the Windows environment
– Training to develop the use and application of Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint and Publisher in your business
– Web design, coding and social media skills
– Photography, image manipulation and design courses

We offer training that is specifically created to meet the IT needs of your staff. From first-time users to advanced experts, our aim is to create programmes that challenge, develop and encourage the application of new IT skills to your business.

This not only brings our courses to life for the participants but it adds immediate value to your workplace.

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