PASC Operating Automated Equipment for Applying Pesticide Unit 231


  • Legislative and safety regulations relating to application equipment
  • Environmental assessment factors relating to mixing and application
  • Read and interpret product information
  • Prepare and calibrate the automated/robotic equipment
  • Operate the application equipment
  • Carry out post-operational procedures

Course Content:

  • Describe the legal requirements relating to applying pesticides using automated or robotic equipment.
  • Describe how to apply pesticides safely using automated or robotic equipment following industry best practice.
  • Identify risks to the environment.
  • Explain how to minimise risks to the environment.
  • Read product information & interpret product information
  • Identify the components & controls on the equipment
  • Carry out pre use checks to the prime mover.
  • Carry out pre-use checks to the application equipment.
  • Calibrate the application equipment and record relevant data.
  • Measure the area to be treated.
  • Calculate the area to be treated.
  • Calculate the quantities of pesticide and water required for a specified area.
  • Measure the required quantities and add to the applicator, or attach pesticide container.
  • Demonstrate safe and accurate application procedures.
  • Carry out all activities protecting human health and the environment.
  • Complete a treatment record.
  • Explain how to manage surplus pesticide and dispose of waste material.
  • Explain how to clean and decontaminate the application equipment.
  • Describe the storage requirements for the application equipment.

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