Pesticide and Agronomy Training Courses

Pesticide Training Courses

Pesticide training courses keep us busy all year round. PA1 the Safe Use of Pesticides is the foundation module for all the individual applications so if it’s Boom Sprayer PA2 , Air Assisted PA3 or any of the Application Units you will need to get this one under your belt first.

PA1 Safe Use of Pesticides is a one day course and we have extended the delivery time to also include the on line assessment on the same day.

PA6 application by hand held applicator is often linked with the PA1 and this is a one day course with a 2hr assessment arranged for a separate day within 7 days of attending the training.

PA2 Boom Sprayers, PA3 Air Assisted PASC Specialist equipment can all be delivered at your site and a convenient assessment date arranged.

Our policy with the occasionally non achievement is to support you free of charge with only the cost of additional assessment being made.

We also offer the PA9 Application by Misting or Fogging. The Sprayer Operator in the picture above is operating  with the Misting Licence. Shame he forgot his gloves.

One area to be aware of is the way the modules are now split into several units so for example PA3 is now Air Blast Sprayers, Air Assisted with Booms with and without air assistance a total of three options. We can cover two of the options with no extra cost if booked at the same time.


BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection Commercial Horticulture has been a great success and we are now running our 5th course lead by Debbie Wedge.  We highly recommend the course for career development.

Horticulture has many areas of specialisium and the BASIS course brings together a tremendous amount of knowledge not only through the course material but also the huge range of expertise from the delegates.

This years BASIS Co-hort have already set up there own ‘What Up’ group.

If you would like to learn more don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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