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Many of us have self taught IT skills, I know I have. We learn as we go along picking up what we consider to be best practice. Well the problem with that is you may be learning the slowest way or the least efficient way to carry out a piece of work. We have found a much better approach is to have a structured plan to learning the new IT skill giving you a sound foundation to grow the skill on with the knowledge to do this in the best way.

Growtrain develops skills rather than simply imparting knowledge and that’s how we help you quickly benefit from your return on investing in staff training. It’s really important to us that delegates attend the right level of training in order to get the best out of the training and we are always very pleased to help you select the right training. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we will ring or email you back,

New Course: Power BI Desktop, Excel & Query Editor

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