BASIS Foundation Award in Soils

  • This course explains why it is important to have healthy and resilient agricultural soil – how essential this is in respect of sustainability for farmers to ensure good crop yields and farm profitability.
  • A well functioning range of soil organisms is essential to process the organic matter content of soils and its structure.
  • This course will equip growers and farms with knowledge and skills that are essential to manage their soils for the benefit of their farm’s business and the environment.
  • Delivery dates: 8th 9th 10th 22nd 23rd May Cost £1100 plus vat
  • Exam online: 30th May £249

Course Content

  • Introduction to soil
  • Physical properties of soil
  • Chemical properties of soil
  • Soil biology & soil life
  • Organic matter and the carbon cycle
  • Soil management & remediation practices