Brush-Cutters and Trimmers - NPTC Integrated Assessment Unit 201

Course Outline

Machinery Landbased Qualification


  • The Brush-Cutters and Trimmers course is an integrated 1 day course - full assessment is included at the end of the day to achieve the NPTC accreditation.
  • This course is designed to enable operators to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out basic maintenance and safely operate a Brush Cutter through a range of varying terrain.
  • It will provide delegates with the theoretical and practical ability to operate and maintain brush cutters in line with manufacturers’ guidance and HSE codes of practice.
  • This covers the use of brush-cutters, covering pre-use checks and maintenance, identification of controls and instruments and operating the machine to cut or trim to the capacity of the machine.

Course Content:

  • Identify hazards specific to the site, task and machine
  • Clean power unit and inspect for damage
  • Service the air filter
  • Service the spark plug
  • Service the starter recoil mechanism
  • Demonstrate knowledge of fuel filter maintenance
  • Check angle drive gear box
  • Identify safety decals and state their meaning
  • Identify the controls of the brush cutter
  • Sharpen brush cutter knife
  • Remove cord head and fit nylon / metal knife
  • Fuel machine / mixing of oil and fuel
  • Inspection and attachment of the harness
  • Safe start procedure
  • Operate brush cutter using the scything method
  • Safe shut down and cleaning of brush cutter

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Eye and full-face protective goggles or visor (to EN166)
  • Ear defenders
  • Working gloves, adequate to protect hands against flying debris
  • Working trousers, adequate to protect legs against flying debris
  • Safety boots with steel toecaps
  • We also recommend you dress appropriately for weather conditions


  • Brush-cutter in good condition with cutting adapter bolts
  • All guards for brush-cutter
  • Manufacturer’s instruction book
  • Manufacturer’s tool kit
  • Two stoke fuel mixed to manufacturer’s recommendations in an approved container
  • Clean filter funnel
  • Cleaning cloths

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