Lean Management an Introduction





Lean Management an Introduction

This practical one-day Lean Management an Introduction course introduces the principles of lean.

It provides managers and those responsible for process improvement with an understanding of the main benefits that lean management can bring to a business.

The training focuses on improving productivity and minimising waste while saving time, inventory, resources, space and money.

This engaging course will provide you with a complete overview lean as the first step towards implementing a lean culture in your own organisation.

Subjects covered are:

– What lean manufacturing is
– History of lean
– Benefits of lean
– The ‘value stream’, customer value and waste
– Value Stream Mapping as a way to identify areas for improvement
– Push and pull systems
– The Lean ‘hidden’ wastes and how to eliminate them
– Basic lean tools (e.g. 5S, Poke Yoke) — an overview of the tools and principles needed to eliminate hidden wastes

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Absence Management

This 1 day training course focuses on effective absence management techniques.   Helping to find a balance between providing support to help employees and taking firm action where necessary.

Employee absence can be a significant cost to businesses. This course gives delegates the necessary skills to manage absence effectively.   It enables delegates to help improve employee engagement and reduce the financial impact on businesses.

The subjects covered are:

  • Understand the importance of an absence policy
  • Robust procedures
  • Ethics
  • Reasons and causes of absence
  • Managing short term absence
  • Managing long term absence
  • Appropriate communication
  • Return to work Interview
  • Review current procedures
  • Practice Return To Work Interview