Managing Conflict


Managing Conflict

This 1 day managing Conflict course is suitable for any member of staff seeking to build better relationships.   Enhancing their assertiveness skills and developing the confidence to deal with conflict.

This course enables delegates to understand different types of behaviours, develop a systematic approach to manage difficult and challenging behaviour and make informed choices about how to respond to difficult situations.

This course will enable delegates to develop an understanding of the factors that contribute to conflict and the skills to respond to conflict in the most appropriate way to enable a positive outcome.

The subjects covered are:

  • Differentiate between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour and how they impact on relationships
  • Outline the assertiveness behaviour structure
  • Apply active listening and reflective questioning skills to build better relationships
  • Explain how to say ‘no’ without putting at risk relationships or results
  • Demonstrate how to give and receive constructive and motivational feedback
  • Identify strategies and the five key approaches for managing conflict


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