Excellence in Supervisory Management

Excellence in Supervisory Management

This 2 day Excellence in Supervisory Management course will allow delegates to understand the importance of the role of a Supervisor and a Team Leader.   Delegates will learn about the external environment in which a business works, as well as learning how to communicate effectively, delegate tasks and develop motivation skills.

The subjects covered are:

  • Leading & motivating a team; roles and responsibilities
  • Effective communication; barriers, verbal, non-verbal, the importance of listening and questioning techniques
  • Objectives; their purpose, how to set them, including SMART objectives
  • Time management; prioritising, technique in dealing with workload, tackling procrastination and dealing with interruptions
  • Handling conflict; an approach
  • Developing yourself
  • Responsibilities for Health & Safety
  • Meeting customer needs & expectations; internal and external customers, delegation, motivation
  • Developing the team; how to give feedback, training & development
  • Developing the team’s resources; workplace motivation
  • Managing individual and the team performance

Learned a lot today and has opened up a lot of avenues for me to explore within the workplace


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