Interviewing Skills for Recruitment





Interviewing Skills for Recruitment

This 1 day Interviewing Skills for Recruitment course is specifically designed to increase delegate’s skills to recruit the right people, to develop a process that identifies the vacancy, defines the job role and has a robust selection process.

Teaching methods of the programme will be through lecture, question and answers, written exercises and case studies.

Selecting the right people is a critical factor in determining the capability and effectiveness of a team.

Ultimately the performance of the organisation will depend on the quality of the people recruited and the selection process.

Making the wrong decision can have far reaching effects from financial, motivational to your credibility both from within and outside the business.

It is a fact that selecting the wrong person and not having identified past behavioural and performance weaknesses, will result in these deficiencies being brought into your business.

‘Growtrain provides excellent training that is focused and specified to the clients needs’

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